Time For a Change – Revive the Resin Art!

Resin ArtThe economy, the environment, and numerous other causes are prompting more people than ever to learn new skills and encourage art in their day to day lives. Art is becoming extremely popular and is among the most adored hobbies. Whether you just enjoy creating art for yourself or you do it for a living, from personal experience you know how relaxing and therapeutic art can become.

There are many workshops in Melbourne encouraging people to step out of their comfort zone and help them to enhance their skills by providing a range of quality art supplies. Art supplies may include resin jewellery, Resin Art, resin moulds and casts that may help you unleash your artistic side.

These workshops support existing artists and also those emerging artists who want to explore art for the first time. They have professionals with excellent knowledge and skills about different art forms using resin and other mediums. They provide artists a range of quality products like resin art, moulds, colour pigments, etc.

The Main Types of Resins Used in Artwork Are:

Art Supplies

Polyster Resin: This resin is used as a binder in the fiberglass products and thus, also known as a fiberglass resin. It is the cheapest and the easiest to use of all the resins.

Epoxy Resin: An epoxy resin is an all purpose resin and gives a clear and glossy finish when used.

Polyurethane Resin: It is the most widely used resin and it is available in both opaque and water clear versions. The best part about using this resin is that it sets quickly, i.e within minutes.

Art Tree Creations is one such group of artists that have created a platform for emerging artists and provide support to the existing artists with knowledge of different resin art, resin jewellery and other mediums.

So if you’re looking for Art Supplies in Melbourne or to inquire about our workshops and products, feel free to contact us at 0439 326 333 or 0417 343 138.


Paint Your Face With Confidence!

Face Paint Supplies

As soon as we hear face paint, we associate it with kids! But, it’s evolution is from hundreds and thousands of years ago when the tribes used to paint their face for hunting, wars and also for religious reasons. Nowadays, though, the face paint is termed with pure fun and entertainment.

Regardless of being a child or an adult, you can opt for face paint on various occasions. Depending on the need, first decide what you want to opt for, whether to opt for whole face paint or want it done partly like cheek painting. Cheek art design is very common and can be seen on fans supporting their favourite sports teams! Well, this kind of paints if not done professionally, can also be done by yourself – all you need is the face paint supplies and an artist at work.

Let’s go through some tips that can help us deliver a better face paint!

  1. Keep a practice of using a white base coat if you are using bright colours in order to prevent skin stain.
  2. If you intend to use more colours, ensure to start with a thin layer, and apply another one only after the former has dried up.
  3. For a spooky effect, apply flour lightly with a dusting brush.

Tools that you’ll need as a part of face paint supplies include mirror, sample pictures related to the art, moisturizer, sponges, brushes, bowl and bucket of water, tissues and wipes, cloths and stencils. It seems you are here to get some hands-on advice of getting the face paint supplies! If you are celebrating any occasion and are in need of face paint in Melbourne, you need not worry about anything as Art Tree Creations provides you with every minutest assistance related to face paint!

To avail highest quality face paint supplies in Melbourne, one trusted place to resort to it Art Tree Creations! It assists you to paint your face with confidence!

Epoxy Resin As A Chemical Material And Its Role In Epoxy Resin Art

Epoxy Resin ArtEpoxy resin art is a form of art which utilises epoxy resin a low molecular weight pre-polymer or high molecular weight polymer having at least two epoxide groups. The epoxide group is also known as gycidyl or oxirane group. There is a wide range of epoxy resins produced industrially with the raw materials being totally petroleum derived with some plant based sources commercially available. Blending in different grades, using additives, plasticisers or fillers is commonly done to alter the structure of the resin for different purposes. This is also known as formulating the resin.

Epoxy is the basic component or the cured end product of epoxy resins. Epoxy resins can be either cross-linked with their own selves by a kind of catalytic homo-polymerisation or with a broad variety of co-reactants like acids, acid anhydrides, poly-functional amines, alcohols, phenols and thiols. The co-reactants are often called hardeners or curatives and the cross-linking reaction is known as curing. The reactions of the poly-epoxides with their own selves or with hardeners of a poly-functional nature form a thermosetting polymer which has high temperature and chemical resistance and mechanical strength. Epoxy has many applications in metal coatings, electronics, insulators, paint brush manufacturing, epoxy resin art, manufacture of special plastic material and structural adhesives.

Epoxy resin when used in art provides high gloss finish to the art work with the coat being very clear. It is very safe to use and is essentially nontoxic. When epoxy resin is used then there is no yellowing or any such damage to the art work. It can be easily mixed with an appropriate material in 1:1 ratio as required by the painters. Epoxy resin products produce very attractive and distinctive art forms which are very popular with art enthusiasts. Epoxy resin enhances and protects art work proving to be a valuable agent for producing good quality art work. For more information on epoxy resin art visit company Art Tree Creations.

Give Your Art A Shape With Resin Silicone Moulds!

Silicone MouldsInterested in making resin art? Resin art is considered as a fun and creative hobby and the resin silicon moulds let you unleash your artistic side in the easiest way. Whether you need to make your own resin jewelry, toy, artwork or a special gift, silicone moulds always comes in handy.
Australia’s leading supplier of molding and casting materials, Art Tree Creations is the one stop solution for creative people. Our products are made using high quality silicon and can be reused as many times as needed. Established in 2011, Art Tree Creation is proud in creating a platform for artists to give their art a shape with resin silicone models.
Our silicon moulds are an extremely versatile material and thus can be used for any of the applications. Not only this, the silicon molds come with excellent features like flexible, durable and water/fire resistant, making it a perfect medium to create different shapes and applications.
We strive to provide our artists a wide range of products that includes color pigments, art boards, resin and molds. You can also shop from our wide range of resin silicon moulds like coaster/hexagon/round/square shape, large pyramid mould, mould small oval dish & lid, pinch bowl mini mould, home décor bird, home décor paper weight large, thin bangle crystal design, triangular bangle, resin plate mould, resin dish mould and smooth faceted bangle mould.
Still not sure where & how to start? Join our Art workshops! Our workshops give a platform for the people willing to experiment with art for the first time and also for the artist willing to learn art forms using resins and different mediums. We have a workshop for wall art, molding, embedding and jewellery.
So what are you still thinking? Get started with our durable resin molds!!

Why You Should Consider For Taking Art Classes?

Art ClassesIf you are searching for something that is fun, that will help you to get fit and that will be exciting for you, then there is nothing better than taking Art Classes. It is obvious, once you start looking around, you will see that there are wide range of arts styles out there. You need to ensure that you are investigating your distinctive alternatives to ensure that you are going with the kind of class that is right for you and your interest. The art can be helpful to increase confidence and develop perseverance. Despite the fact that you will work out it additionally provides you an opportunity to forget about any emotional stress you have in your daily life.

When you choose to sign for Art Classes, it will be helpful for supporting creativity and they will push you to thoroughly consider of the box and be creative enough to make something artistic. This could e applied not just in art but in life, as well. It will be helpful to settle on the right choices; in art classes, you are generally free to do what you want. More than an instrument for boosting your innovative abilities, art classes should also help you to settle on choices in a short time span. Art classes will allow you to enhance your ability for decision making, an art that is typically difficult to master. In ever art class, you will be obliged to make a choice that could influence the whole result of your artistic creation.

Art can teach individuals vital thinking and also observational skills. For example, people who are taking Art Classes can discover how to imagine that is a skill that they likewise need to become a better readers and problem solvers. People in art classes learn to be inventive and take risks; they are less scared doing mistakes. People figure out what to look at objects and individuals objectively rather than subjectively. This allows them to distance themselves from a difficulty and look at it from different point of view, which is another fundamental critical thinking ability.

Art Classes can teach you several critical skills and creative thinking is among the most important skills individual can learn in visual art course. Individuals likewise learn to work out problems using logic and reasoning abilities. Moreover, it had been discovered that individuals who are educated using a fine arts curriculum had appealing mental habits. People learned precisely how to work on duties for a long time and how to continue doing work even when they became frustrated. They were better at making relationships between the classroom and the outside world. They additionally utilized feeling and expression as a part of their work. Moreover, individuals who were exposed to art were able to reflect upon their own work and self-evaluate their own particular perfect works of art. Thus, with these advantageous factors, you can realize that it is very important to consider for taking art classes for your interest and self improvement.

Various Types Of Things That Can Be Used For Making Resin Jewelry

resin-jewelryResin Jewelry is the latest fashion trend that has been doing rounds these days, such kind of jewelry can be bought from any simple boutique. The reason behind the popularity of this jewelry is that they can be made using even the most common things that are available readily in our surroundings. Once you have enough information about this jewelry you can also make this kind of jewelry on your own. Listed below are some things that can be used for making resin jewelry, you can take inspiration from the ideas listed below and enjoy making your own jewelry.

Flowers of your choice and even vegetables:

You can also make jewelry out of your favorite flower, for this you have to choose a flower that you want to put inside the mould. The flower needs to be dried for several days, after the flower has completely dried up they can be used to put inside the mould. The dried flower need to be coated with a special kind of glue so that it does not leave color inside the resin. If you have chosen a flower bud they need to be coated with silica before placing them inside the liquid resin.


To use wood in making resin jewelry, you first need to coat the small piece of wood with glue so that it does not leave any kind of air bubbles when placed in the liquid resin.


To insert pictures or photographs in resin jewelry you need to images that are matt. If you prefer to use the normal kind of photographs you will end up distorting the image as the color from the photograph will leak when placed in the liquid resin. To ensure best results you need to first take the copy of the photo on paper and then you ought to leave it to dry for 24 hours. After that you can coat the image with some glue and then use it for your jewelry.

Small objects:

To use small objects you need to first wash them and then they need to be coated with the resin liquid to ensure optimal results.

Cloth or fabric:

To use cloth or fabric for your jewelry you need to ensure that they are completely dry when you need to use them. Also ensure that the fabric that you are using is of high quality so that they do not leak color in any way when placed in the resin.

Art Supplies – Great Way to Find the Right Art Materials for Your Hobby or Profession

Art Supplies
Art Supplies

Hobbies such as arts and crafts are important because they help to reduce stress, polish your creativity and help you to use any spare time productively. Apart from hobbies, art and crafts are also fruitful for professional level as you can open business where art and art enthusiasts get together to study art. However, in these tough economic conditions, finding the correct Art Supplies that you require for your hobby or business can turn into a cause of further stress due to their highest costs.

Due to the current financial climate individuals are less inclined to spend huge amount of money with a specific end goal to fulfill their hobbies and pastimes. Individuals are turning to various techniques for shopping like online shopping where supplies compete with high street rates, so you can usually find what you are searching for at a reasonable and affordable rate. This is a convenient technique for shopping given that you aren’t wasting time and petrol browsing many shops trying to find best price.

However, it is not reasonable to get Art Supplies with cheap rates when you own a professional art business because having the correct supplies will be very essential in this case. Having low quality or inappropriate had cause many businesses of this type to close their doors early on. Many art classes draw a lot of students because they make use of the proper and good quality supplies. There is no wonder why many student flock to one class and completely ignore another. They know they will get value for their money and the learning process will be more worthwhile with the proper tools.

So when you are involved in art business, it is advisable and reasonable for you not to consider the cost to get suitable and quality supplies. So, do not compromise with quality and go on and shop for your favorite art and craft supplies with guaranteed and reliable supplies in Melbourne.