Various Types Of Things That Can Be Used For Making Resin Jewelry

resin-jewelryResin Jewelry is the latest fashion trend that has been doing rounds these days, such kind of jewelry can be bought from any simple boutique. The reason behind the popularity of this jewelry is that they can be made using even the most common things that are available readily in our surroundings. Once you have enough information about this jewelry you can also make this kind of jewelry on your own. Listed below are some things that can be used for making resin jewelry, you can take inspiration from the ideas listed below and enjoy making your own jewelry.

Flowers of your choice and even vegetables:

You can also make jewelry out of your favorite flower, for this you have to choose a flower that you want to put inside the mould. The flower needs to be dried for several days, after the flower has completely dried up they can be used to put inside the mould. The dried flower need to be coated with a special kind of glue so that it does not leave color inside the resin. If you have chosen a flower bud they need to be coated with silica before placing them inside the liquid resin.


To use wood in making resin jewelry, you first need to coat the small piece of wood with glue so that it does not leave any kind of air bubbles when placed in the liquid resin.


To insert pictures or photographs in resin jewelry you need to images that are matt. If you prefer to use the normal kind of photographs you will end up distorting the image as the color from the photograph will leak when placed in the liquid resin. To ensure best results you need to first take the copy of the photo on paper and then you ought to leave it to dry for 24 hours. After that you can coat the image with some glue and then use it for your jewelry.

Small objects:

To use small objects you need to first wash them and then they need to be coated with the resin liquid to ensure optimal results.

Cloth or fabric:

To use cloth or fabric for your jewelry you need to ensure that they are completely dry when you need to use them. Also ensure that the fabric that you are using is of high quality so that they do not leak color in any way when placed in the resin.


Author: Art Tree Creations

Art Tree Creations are your local premier art supplies store in Melbourne. We sell resin art and jewelry items as well as art boards and other art supplies.

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